Each of our customers is different, individual, having its own needs and special requirements. The very same applies to the projects, even within one company or organization. Your IT operates within the complex field of business requirements, budget and schedule restrictions and other factors inside your organization and its surroundings. There cannot be a “one size fits all” solution and approach that suits all projects. We offer you several options of our services in order to ensure your project success:

  • Our consultants are coming to your premises and work on-site with you
  • Coaching and supervision by our specialists
  • In-house project execution at aditerna premises

We will find the right mode of cooperation for you and your project needs.

On-site consultancy

Our consultants are coming to your premises and join your project team. Co-location provides the advantage of short distances, easy communication and alignment of all team members and stakeholders. This ensures an efficient and smooth project progress. Depending on the needs and project requirements, we add experts from our partner network to our resources. This only happens with your knowledge and approval and will be communicated openly and it will always be transparent to you. aditerna remains your single point of contact.

Coaching and supervision

We offer you coaching and trainings, especially customized for the needs and the know how of your team. Of course, we also apply our high quality standards to our professional trainings and coaching. Additionally, we can also offer mentoring to help you and your team through the first steps with new processes or software.

In-house projects

Your requirements have been finalized already and you would like to hand over the programming to us? We provide the necessary expertise to transfer your requirements into code in an aditerna in-house project. Of course, we stay in close contact with you for alignment and fine tuning to make sure that you receive a high quality result that perfectly meets your needs and expectations.

Our competencies

We provide professional support for your projects along the whole software lifecycle and make sure your projects are a success. From a motivating Kick-Off via intense development activities up to the successful finish of your projects, we are a reliable partner.

Our competencies: Requirements engineering, Software development, Test and quality management, Project management, Process consulting

Requirements engineering

Without thoroughly defined requirements all projects are doomed to fail. Benefit from professional requirements analysis and requirements management! More

Software development

We support your actual software development activities. More

Test and quality management

Pick up the results of your requirements analysis and ensure highest quality. More

Project management

Complex project require excellent leadership. Trust in our expertise! More

Process consulting

You want to improve your processes and unleash hidden potential? Benefit from our knowledge and experience! More