Test and quality management

Good requirements are the basis for good test cases. Use the results of the requirements engineering activities and ensure highest quality of your systems.

Clever testing saves you money

You have defined your software requirements? You are in the implementation phase or already at the end of the implementation phase? Then, this is now your latest chance to specify test cases and check your development results. Developing useful test cases based on existing requirements specifications is a complex process which requires great knowledge and experience. First, you have to carefully select the subset of requirements to be tested. This subset has to representative for your software system on the one hand, and small enough to be “testable” on the other hand. Once this is done, the actual test cases have to be specified, simple ones as well as complex ones.

Quality is not “just” testing

Test cases, however good they are, can only show that a system complies with the requirements covered by these test cases. This includes functional as well as non-functional requirements. Nevertheless, test cases can only show the presence of errors but it can never prove the absence of errors at all. Therefore, test cases are only one part of comprehensive software quality management. In order to improve software quality techniques from various areas need to combined:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Configuration and change management
  • Test management
  • Build and deploy management

Only a tight combination of these disciplines allows to you to develop and deliver high-quality software systems in time, in budget and in the quality you need.

Build upon our support

Whether you want to define, introduce or optimize your quality management, you can trust in our professional support. Contact us and we will find an optimal quality management process for your project or your organization. Of course, we also support your test activities and provide all related services from test management to test execution.