Process consulting

We can help to identify hidden potentials within your organization and to improve your processes. We do not promise to know your processes better than you do. You have perfect knowledge about your processes and your needs, but we can assist you with our knowledge and experience. We do not propose standard solutions, as every organization is different ands needs to be treated individually. Rather we will jointly work out the main requirements and characteristics of your organization and develop a customized solution approach.

Specialized consultancy services

We provide specialized consultancy services regarding all of our competencies:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Software development
  • Test and quality management
  • Project management

Within these process areas we support you with individually tailored solutions and suggestions for improving processes in your organization. Whether you want to introduce a completely new process for requirements engineering or to improve existing quality management processes, you can rely on our expertise and experience.

In a first step, workshops with process owners and stakeholders are used to analyse the current situation and to define goals and objectives to be achieved by the process reorganization. We work out alternative solution approaches and together we will choose the approach which fits best for your organization. We will discuss all solutions approaches in detail and highlight the respective pros and cons. Of course, the final decision which way to go is always yours.

Once the decision is made, we assist you during implementation of your new or reorganized processes. Depending on your needs we provide training and coaching services to prepare you and your employees for the new processes. As processes are constantly evolving, a continuous monitoring based on the definition and evaluation of well-defined key performance indicators is advisable. We will support these ongoing quality management activities and make sure your processes evolve with your organization.

Support of specific processes

Besides supporting process definitions and assisting in process optimization activities, we provide support for a variety of specific processes:

  • Project management according to PMI
  • Planning, preparation and execution of distributed simulations
    • IEEE 1730: Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP)
    • VEVA (Vorgehensmodell für den Einsatz der VIntEL-Architektur)
  • Development and quality management of simulation models
    • V-Modell XT M&S
    • ITIS Leitfaden für Modelldokumentation
    • ITIS Leitfäden für Verifikation, Validierung und Akkreditierung (VV&A)