Development of a new PDM system

Consultants of aditerna have supported the requirements engineering and software development of this project.

Project context

Our customer is a leading supplier of telecommunications infrastructure systems. In order to consolidate IT systems and to replace existing heterogeneous legacy systems a project for setting up a new Product Data Management (PDM) system was established. Besides many other activities, this included the development of a specifically tailored integration framework for the new PDM system to ensure continuous synchronization with other enterprise applications. Developing this integration framework required the identification and documentation of all requirements (business and IT) and coordination of the various stakeholders. Based on the requirements specification a technical specification was developed using an object-oriented approach. Due to the international company culture of our customer and a distributed project team with members in Europe and India, this project required strong communication skills and empathy on the one hand as well as a very analytical approach on the other hand.

Our contributions

Our contributions to a successful project execution were manifold:

  • Identification of functional requirements and derivation of process needs
  • Analysis of functional requirements regarding completeness, clarity, consistency and their impact on the technical realization
  • Development of an integration architecture as an extensible framework based on the functional requirements, quality requirements and further constraints
  • Documentation of the technical system design using an object-oriented approach (UML)
  • Preparation and execution of hand-over meetings for transferring the technical system design to the software service provider in India


  • Object-oriented analysis, object-oriented design
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Message Oriented Middleware, Web Services, Oracle Advanced Queuing