Modeling and simulation

aditerna has a large history in the area of modeling and simulation (M&S) and consultants of aditerna have supported many M&S-projects in various roles.

Distributed and Integrated Test Bed

Consultants of aditerna have supported the requirements engineering and quality management activities of this project.

Project context

The VIntEL-project (“Verteilte Integrierte Erprobungs-Landschaft”, engl. “Distributed and Integrated Test Bed”) of the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB, Koblenz) is a multi-year effort aiming at increasing the reliability and applicability of distributed simulations and strengthening the credibility of the simulation results. Primarily the devised test bed aims at improving procurement and acquisition processes of the German Federal Armed Forces. To achieve these objectives, VIntEL adresses architectural and technical issues, as well as organizational support necessary for planning, executing and analysing distributed simulations.

Our contributions

Consultants of aditerna have supported this project over many years, focussing on requirements engineering and quality management actvities:

  • Detailed requirements analysis
  • Support of concept development
  • Definition of a process model and documentation guidelines
  • Coaching and training of users of the process model
  • Evaluation of applicability and usability of the process model


  • HLA (High Level Architecture)
  • DSEEP (Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process)
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Web Services

 International working groups

Consultants of aditerna are participating in various international working groups in the M&S area, especially within

  • NATO Modeling and Simulation Group, and
  • SISO (Simulation Interoperability Standardization Organization).

As members of these working groups we actively shape future M&S standards and are constantly aware of any recent developments and activities. Furthermore, the international working groups are the main platform for promulgating state-of-the-art research results on behalf of our customers.