Extension of a data warehouse

Consultants of aditerna have supported this project in the areas of requirements engineering, software development and test and quality management.

Project context

Our customer is a service provider in the telecommunications sector and operates a large mobile communications network. For network operation several service level agreements are agreed upon between the involved parties. Conformance to these service level agreements is regularly documented in several reports. The periodic report generation is based on a data warehouse containing operative data from the actual network operation, which is fed into the data warehouse via several ETL processes (extract, transform, load). The service level agreements define various key performance indicators. These are generated as reports using Business Objects.

Our contributions

Our contributions to make this project a success covered the whole software lifecycle:

  • Identification of functional requirements and impact analysis
  • Continuous software development activities to extend and adapt the data warehouse
  • Definition of test cases to ensure high quality of data and software
  • Planning and execution of release deployments
  • Maintaining optimal application operation


  • Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • SAP Business Objects