Privacy statement

Thank you for your interest in our website. Securing your personal data is an important issue to us. On this page we want to inform you how privacy is handled at aditerna. Of course, we comply with national laws like the “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz” (BDSG), the “Telemediengesetz” (TMG) and further regulations.

Our website is protected against damaging or unauthorized access as far as it is technically possible.

Personal data

According to § 3 Abs. 1 BDSG privacy is concerned with personal data or data which my be related to specific persons. This includes various information about persons, e.g. name, postal address, email address, phone number, but possibly also usage data like the IP address.

Collection and storage of personal data

In general it is not required to disclose any personal data to use our website. Actually providing services may require personal data, e.g. for sending information material or for answering individual questions.

If you contract us for providing services, we will collect and store your personal data in the amount necessary to provide our services. Depending on the contract it may be required to forward your personal data to further companies and partners which are cooperation partners of aditerna and required for fulfilling your request. This includes service providers as well as e.g. logistics companies. In this case, we will ask for your explicit consent before performing any actions which require forwarding your personal data.

Once the contract if fulfilled, we will block your personal data and delete your personal data after the time limits set by laws or other regulations if you have not authorized further use of your data.

Collection and storage of usage data

For optimizing our website we collect and store data, e.g. time and date of page request, referrer pages, etc. All data is collected anonymized and without personal identification of the user of our site. If it is necessary to create usage profiles, we will create a pseudonym which does not allow an identification of the actual user associated with this pseudonym.

For collecting and storing usage data we are using cookies. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer (or internet device) and allow storage of statistical data like operating system, browser version, IP address and referrer URL. We collect these data only for statistical purposes and for improving our website. Collection and storage of usage data will always be anonymized or use pseudonyms.

Usage of your personal data

We limit the collection and storage of personal data to the minimal amount necessary for providing our services and wil not use your personal data for any other purpose than providing the agreed services. We will not forward your personal data to any third party unless you have explicitly agreed to or it is necessary for providing our services. We will forward your personal data to federal institutions and organizations only if we are required to due to a law or due to a court decision.

Right to be informed and right of objection

We will inform you about all personal data stored about you at any time and at no charge. You may ask us to block, correct or delete your personal data. You can revoke your agreement to the collection and storage of personal data at any time. Please contact us and we will be happy to fulfill your request or to answer any questions you might have regarding our privacy statement or the handling of personal data at aditerna.

Please be aware that laws and regulations regarding privacy are constantly changing and that it is therefore advisable to follow these changes.