Our approach: Direct, Honest, Reliable!

aditerna is your high-quality service provider for IT projects. aditerna is renowned for its integrated approach of solving customer needs, taking into account all phases of system and software lifecycles to provide optimal solutions and to achieve long-lasting customer relationships.

For the success of our clients!

We always strive for an open and honest client relationship, favoring long-term relationships over short-term benefits. To achieve such long-term customer relationships, we provide excellent quality and aim for sustainable project success. Delivering high-quality consulting and services is the key to ensure project success. Besides all business professionalism, the human factor is our most important asset. We are convinced that interpersonal relationships and a comforting working atmosphere are crucial for an efficient and pleasant project execution.

Furthermore, sustainability and professionalism are intimately connected with continuing education and research activities. We can offer you highly educated and well-trained personnel to support your projects. By continuously conducting research activities, we make sure that you benefit from latest developments and up-to-date knowledge.

Our management

Supporting (lat. adiuvare) customers in their projects was the main reason for our three (lat. terna) founders Tamme D. Reinders, Torsten Müller and Robert Siegfried to start aditerna GmbH as a high-quality consulting company. The three founders are still today the management team of aditerna.
Management team of  aditerna GmbH